HR Consultancy

Manpower, Recruitment and Human Resource Consultancy

Recruitment outsourcing

Having the best talent is a competitive advantage in today’s demanding and complex world. Because the success of business relies upon talent, acquiring the most qualified people is increasingly competitive. To succeed, organizations need expertise in implementing innovative and differentiated sourcing and attraction strategies.

No two organizations are ever alike. That’s why our expert recruiters dig deep to understand your organization and the job skills necessary for success. We use proven sourcing strategies to identify where the talent is and how best to attract them. Our experience and expertise accelerates the acquisition of the right talent for you.

We can offer:

  • Recruitment and outsourcing of employees to your company providing the employee visa and salary while working with you.
  • Recruitment of employees as per client requirements, while the employee shall be on client’s visa sponsorship and payroll.

Manpower Supply

Our flexible, efficient and cost-effective hiring options includes a wide spread of categories available for both short-term and long-term jobs. Listed below are some of core manpower supply categories.

  • General Staff & Semi- Skilled Employees.
  • Skilled employees such as fabricators, welders, carpenters, painters, electricians, steel fixers, masons, etc.

HR Consultancy

1. Design of HR Management Systems – Organizations, especially those that are headquartered within the region, or are in the SME segment, often face challenges in setting up the right HR Management Systems. Even those companies that do have systems in place need to update the systems complementing the organization’s growth. Our consultants provide solutions to address this challenge by helping clients with; the definition of grades across positions, aligning compensation and benefits to grades, defining employee career paths, reward systems and employee retention plans. In addition, as a part of this exercise, we support creating and/or amending HR policies.

2. Job Roles and Responsibilities – In most businesses, roles and responsibilities that are assigned to specific positions keep undergoing a change over time. Often organizations are challengedby employees starting with a role, and eventually moving to a completely different role, without properly tracking these changes. When this change is across multiple positions in an organization, it could lead to a chaotic, or at times, a dysfunctional environment. Our team of experts have proven track records in assessing and defining roles and responsibilities of employees within an organization. We ensure that the job role is connected to the business processes, and the main responsibilities identified and separated from delegated responsibilities. A well-captured job role eliminates confusion and brings clarity to how the KPIs of the shareholders are measured.

3. Performance Management Systems – An effective Performance Management System helps to set clear objectives and assist employees to prioritize their tasks. For organizations that are unfamiliar with a structured Performance Management process, our consultants help to educate employees across the company about performance management. In addition, our consultants help to implement the Performance Management Systems by participating in employee reviews which in turn ensures avoiding bias ratings.

4. Competency Assessments – Assessments are done by defining competency requirements across different positions, interviewing or testing employees and identifying available gaps on the position competencies.

5. Assistance with UAE labor laws and regularities – Our Team of experts will guide your company professionals by implementing policies within the company as per the country’s rules and regulations. Also, we support with bringing about the change required to manage the employee workforce, SOP’s, company code of conduct pattern and the organizations policies, so that they are in line with the ministries regulations.

6. Termination management – Abiding by MOHRE laws and conditions,we can generate warning letters, termination letters, etc. when necessary.

7. Separation Management  – Support with the end-of-service benefits calculations, monitor absence, sick, annual, emergency leave and overtime, etc.




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