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The Consulting Team at PROCESS can help you address business challenges and create winning strategies that can impact your business. In depth knowledge of business processes, years of experience in multiple industries combined with thorough understanding of local and regional market enable us to provide timely and strategic advice to our clients.

We focus on providing professional solutions that can help businesses to grow, reduce operating costs, optimize business process and maximize output. We help to create innovative solutions that increase productivity and efficiency through higher levels of collaboration and integration.

We provide consultancy services for the following business areas:

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain (Procurement, Sales & Distribution)
  • Human Resources
  • Asset Management
  • Manufacturing Management Systems
  • Document & Workflow Management Systems

Our consulting services include:

  • Business Planning & Strategies
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Policies Development
  • Projects Management
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

  • Business modeling methodologies
  • Business process analysis
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Process change management
  • Computer Simulations of business systems

  • Business application selection
  • Business application testing and evaluation
  • Business application implementation & customization
  • Business application development


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