Business Set up – backup


Setting up a new business can become an exhausting and lengthy process if you are not equipped with the right knowledge about legal and Government procedures. You need a Professional and Experienced Partner who not only understand the Laws of the land but can get your documents processed within shortest durations from the Right Department.

At PROCESS we are conversant with all Government Regulations and Procedures in the entire U.A.E. Our team of Experienced Professionals, many of whom are Ex-Government Employees, can understand your specific requirements and put forward the best plan to setup your business within the Right Legal Framework complying within your Budget and Time Frames.

The Expertise & Beneficial Elements of doing Business with us that HELPS you concentrate on your core business with complete Peace of Mind are as follows:

  • We thoroughly study and understand your business requirements.
  • We recommend best options to setup your business in the Free zone area or outside.
  • Getting Speedy Approvals from the required Ministries and Government Departments.
  • Our team of Legal Consultants can Guide and Update you on the latest Rules & Regulations.
  • With the help of our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System we provide customers up-to-date information accurately on the status of their transactions.
  • Handling your business set up with us can save your valuable TIME, EFFORT and unnecessary FRUSTRATIONS of “How & Where?” to process your transactions.

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